Friday, May 18, 2007

black and white never read

It is amazing that the media ignores horrendous black on white crime while sensationally covering white on black crime. The alledged Duke rape story, the horror of the black man dragged behind on automobile in Texas, and even the Tawana Bradely fiasco. I am not writing this to indict black people but to indict the press. I do not understand why the case in Tenessee where two barely out of adolescense white people were the victims of car jacking , rape ,torture, and murder by four black people has recieved no national attention. If the perpetrators and victims were reversed the national media would be covering it ad nauseum. Is it because black on white crime or black on black crime is more common than white on black crime or is it because the press has a committment to insure racial friction because it profits from it. Perhaps the press in general, which is predominately white, castigates whites to prove it is free from bigotry. It seems to me it is a form of bigotry to cover stories on the basis of race.


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