Thursday, May 24, 2007

idiots delight sue opec

In an amazing act of courage , to protect the American public, our peerless cynical congressional representatives are blowing smoke towards our nethermost regions by voting to give the justice department authority to sue opec for price fixing. Just explain to me oh highly regarded savants how in hell would you enforce any judgement obtained? What is to prevent the countries involved in a suit to quit selling oil to the U S and developing other markets? What jurisdiction would any American court exert over a soverign nation ? The move will give you something to campaign on in the next election but only will be met with jeers by your constituents, whoops, they were dumb enough to vote for you in the first place i guess it will be cheers. Couldn't you do something sensible like relaxing rules against refineries ? Nah, that wouldn't play well with the yahoos.


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