Thursday, May 03, 2007


PBS an acronym for Public B...S. They hold auctions to raise money and plead for community support and yet they run commercials , have a never ending income stream from Sesame Street items, and support from the federal goverment. These self righteous officials will get no more of my money.. They refused to show a documentary depicting the plight of mainstream muslims trying to combat the Islamist radicals because it might offend such radicals but have no trouble running a documentary on mormonism that offends mormans. I am an atheist but their show ,generally favorable to my position, should not be shown when juxataposed to the two programs reffered to. These self appointed guardians of what should and what should not be viewed are no longer nescessary. Cable now provides better programming ,on the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, National Geo, and countless others. PBS is now the superflous channel of a small elite who enjoy appearing on television pleading for contibutions.


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