Tuesday, March 20, 2007

a pox on both your houses

I cannot believe the spectacle that is government today. Instead of working for the benefit of the country tawdry politicians are working to make each other seem monstrous. I am certain now , aided by a media that is only in interested in creating crisis in order to fill empty air time, the basis of our goverment is being eroded by unprincipled clowns inadvertently destroying institutions that have served us well as a nation. This confederation of fools we call congress are only concerned with their own survival at the next election and not at all concerened with the national good. I am afraid that sceptics of the 18th century were correct doubting the long term viability of democracies. Democracies cannot last, they carry a seed of destruction within which will sprout when watered by unfettered personal ambition.


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