Tuesday, March 13, 2007


The name sounds like the title for a sci-fi novel, but he is a real person , the president of chzekoslovokia. He is also a realist who lived under soviet domination which required hewing to the party line. He gave a speech yesterday comparing the quasi-religous "isms" of our time with the quasi religous communism and facisms of an earlier period. If you are not aware of the religion of environmentalism insofar as its basic tenent e .g. "those awful human beings, myself excepted and you if you agree with me, are the cause of global warming": or humanism or animal rights or fuzzy idealism you should be. These "isms" are increasing the power of government over our lives and doing more to subvert human rights than the patriot act. We now have new classes of criminal conduct, smoking, offensive speech, and socially disaproved acts like using two squares of toilet paper instead of just one. Shortly we can expect controls over caloric intake,and the amount of energy one may consume. Don't worry about prohibition though: even comunist Russia couldn't bring that turkey back. It is ironic that followers of the "isms" are also supporters of the aclu blithely tripping their way to greater government control of our lives.


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