Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"Gore" an adequate sci-fi novel

A political icon becomes obssessed with fear of rising temperatures. Testifying before congress, producing a movie, conning the media he succedes in terrifying people around the world. Scientists dependent on funding from governments cater to these fears and, sensing a chance to wrest money from America ,smaller natiions at the world organization clamor for developed nations to cease using a disproportionate share of energy. Scientists who don't adhere to the hysteria are deprived of funding and in spite of their stature are relegated to the role of bystanders> A savior arises , an obscure savant attracts followers to his plan to reduce the radiation from the sun, lowering temperatures. He attracts more and more adherents until with great enthusiasm his plan is adopted and a great shield is placed about the earth . It works ,warming stops and it becomes colder.....and ...colder and ..colder .and co...... for the sun has entered a period of lesser radiation. Don't laugh ,in 1975 when a new ice age was expected some prominent idiot was espousung putting carbon black on the ice at the poles to encourage more heat absorption and thus more melting.


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