Thursday, March 29, 2007

emasculation of the west

My diatribe directed to our peerless congressional leaders especiallly the arch - hypocrites Fienstein and Leahy bore no fruit ,although she has finally resigned from the committe which has enriched he husbands companies by billions in contracts, the continual time wasting investigation in to picayune matters like political firings of political appointees goes on. The disgusting political manuevering to insure election continues at the expense of the country. These asses will not admit we are the targets of a global jihad by extremist muslims and think they can continue secure in a world where we abdicate power and act pusalanimously in the face of direct provaction. The siezure of British sailors is the jihadists reiteration of the siezing of the u. s. embassy, a message saying to adherents "the west is weak of purpose and we will easily overcome their resistance". Unfortunately , they are right. If the mendacious fools , our leaders, do not recognise reality , give up political correctness and catering to "useful idiots" we will someday be bowing to mecca or speaking chinese


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