Monday, May 16, 2005

free information for Newsweek ?

Newsweek has responded to allegations about their story of the flushed Koran by stating that it cannot be confirmed and apologising to the resulting dead. The have not apologised to the people of the United States . They stated that their information came from a U.S. official who has provided reliable information in the past. I am so happy to know that our hired officials pass on tid- bits of news to commercial enterprises like Newsweek. Why do they dish the dirt to Newsweek? What do they get in return? Does it further their careers or bring down a policy or person they dislike, what is the motive? I think Newsweek should disclose this information and perhaps take such gossip with a tablespoon of salt. Incidentally, if the individual who passes along the back-fence talk as a matter of course is discovered he should be fired. This won"t happen :Newsweek will protect him. Update ...Newsweek just quit quibbling and retracted the story. Happy ending for all except the dead and the reputation of the U.S. One question remains, since the incident would be so inflammatory why publish in the first place... answer, to sell magazines and feed egos with a scoop.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you imagine how difficult it would have been to win WWII had the American media been as hostile then as it is now? Newsweek shouldn't have published the story even if it were true. Who do it help?

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