Saturday, May 14, 2005

the new oxymoron

It was formerly "military intellegence" , "senatorial courtesy" , or " authentic reproduction" that would serve as the example of an oxymoron. We now have a new candidate for prime example provided by the illustrious "Newsweek" magazine. Newsweek reported a rumour, originating with unamed sources, that interrogators at Guantonamo had desecrated Korans in an attempt to wrest information from prisoners. This rumour , reported by Newsweek prompted anti-American riots all over the Moslem world resulting in deaths and injury. Newsweek cannot confirm the truth of this rumour or identifythe source but the story certainly had an effect in what is viewed as a religious conflict by one side. I now present Newsweek the oxymoron award of "responsibile journalism".


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