Friday, May 20, 2005

canute canoodoling

The president will oppose any bill that would allow or support cloning that is certainly putting his religous convictions ahead of reality. The environmentalist movement oppose any building of nuclear plants, or thinning of forests to halt spread of pine beetle putting their religous belief ahead of reality. The Peta people want everyone to become a vegan putting their religous belief ahead of reality.. The moslem jihadists want all infidels to convert or die putting their religous beliefs ahead of reality. I am sick unto death of all these true believers who think their way is the right way and they are more moral than the rest of us and serving a "higher purpose". Let me remind them. Mr. President, cloning will be done..Environmentalists, nuclear power is here to stay. Peta, people are by nature omniverous. Jihadists, there are more christans ,budhists, jews , taoists , etc than you can kill and they all think their way is right. Face up to it once the genie is out of the lamp you can't stuff him back in and as powerful as you may be King Canute showed you can't stop the tide.


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