Monday, April 21, 2008

wishing won't make it so

Reality eludes our political leaders. They seem to believe that what they wish for will happen. Examples abound , they believe that energy independence can be achieved though conservation and uninvented substitutes for petroleum. They believe that coverting food to fuel is without repercussions. They believe that global warming is ethnogenically caused and we can combat it by reducing our "carbon footprint". They believe that militant Islam is not a threat to the West and if we accede to demands it will go away. Perhaps they should recognise reality. If we wish energy independence we must have more domestic oil production , we must use clean coal and nuclear energy. We must stop production of the environmentally damaging and useless ethanol.If global warming is a threat we should be preparing for change rather than trying to prevent the inevitable. Militant Islamists have openly declared their intention to destroy the West. We cannot ignore them as we ignored the open declarations in "Mein Kampf" and allow them to use the democractic egaliterean processes of the West to accomplish their purposes. Wishing can get votes but facing reality is survival.


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