Friday, April 22, 2016

oh say can you pee

While I sympathize with the transgender people the argument of none neutered mails using women's restrooms seems  a tempest in a peepot. The problem is not with the transgenderd the problem is with the pederasts and exhibitionist who will take advantage of  young girls using public bathrooms. The best estimates i can find of the transgender population is .03 percent to .05 percent of the  population which i assume consists of half male and half female so the male problem affects  about .02 percent of the population a good many of whom I suspect have been using male johns for years. The question then becomes should a large population of young girls be put at risk for the benefit of a small number of unchanged men. There is obviously no problem with people who have completed a transition or are in the process.   Well I'll let Solomon decide this one I don't think we should leave it up to the NBA, NFL, Google , or pressure groups.


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