Thursday, August 13, 2009

denigrate and ridicule

Denigrate and ridicule, attack the messenger not the message. A page from the old Saul Alinsky book. The followers, our elected representatives ,Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, and their president who refuse to recognize grass root outrage at the autocratic rule of a group of people who believe they have a mission to save us from ourselves by spending our money in the most profligate excesses since the Bourbon Monarchy. Citizens who have been showing up in droves, in spite of threats from SEIU thugs are accused of being dupes of pharma companies ;a cadre with which our peerless leader has cut a backdoor deal.They have been called flat earthers ,unenlightenend, false bearers of testimony and by numerous sycophantic media outlets, astroturfers,and birthers all in an attempt to deny the existence of genuine concern. I believe the reason for this is that our congressional paragons are in denial, and think if they ignore the people they will go a way. There is a name for this posture. Let's call them "Ostriches" that should serve for denigration and the posture with their heads in the sand and their thinking parts exposed should serve for ridicule.OK Saul ???


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