Saturday, August 08, 2009

none so blind

It is amusing to see how many commentators, pundits and politicians believe that outraged attendees at congressional town hall meetings are merely protesting the healthcare bill. They are protesting congress. Congress has a voter approval rating lower than Nancy Pelosi's I Q , I believe that is below twenty. The public disagrees, according to polls, with the congress on the health bill, closing gitmo, the wall street bail out , the energy bill, the stimulus bill, the clunker program, and of course buying fifty five million dollar airplanes to ferry the members back and forth. We cannot ignore the public revulsion at the corruption and tax dodging of various members. Congressional ethics is an oxymoron. It is gratifying to see average people throwing over an apathetic attitude to government. No wonder politicians are trying to denigrate a movement that threatens their privileged positions.


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