Sunday, February 04, 2007

the sky is falling again

During my eighty years on this planet I have been subjected to all kinds of planetary extinction media hype.. I'm at little young for the hype on Martian canals but have been thru two cycles of gobal warming and global cooling and of course, The Bomb. The interesting thing is that after all this I do believe that a global warming cycle is underway.I do also belive part of cause is ethnographic. However I depart from the mainstream belief that ethnographic causes,manufacturing , the eternal combustion engine, are the major factors I deem them merely ancillary .
The major ethnographic cause is people . At the begining of the last century world population was about one and half billion now it is seven billion. As a result we have five and a half billion more organisms exhaling co2 and flatulating methane into the atmosphere . The increasing support system of sheep, goats, cattle etc. contribute a propotionate amount of the same materials. The problem is not the use of natural resources but one of the number of users. I submit unlimited population growth is the largest factor in planetary desecration and that any solution to the problems without population control is merely cosmetic and akin to trying to cure cancer with a band -aid


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