Wednesday, February 14, 2007

my favorite things

Political hypocrites..religous zealots..atheist zealots..arrogant prosecutors..the modern aclu..true believers in global warming..true believers in anti-vaccine, anti-flouridation , anti- evolution,and the "benefits" of organic products.. those who profit from fears of frankenfoods and radio transmission towers..those who think we should live forever..the people who make lists of most"dangerous toys".. those who find can offense in every remark..those who make offensive remarks..leaders who will take no action to improve social security or illegal immigration problems..those who think we can achieve energy self sufficiency thru depleting food supplies e.g.corn and ignore nuclear energy and domestic oil production..those who don't think we are privileged to live in the best of times..amnesty international..all demagogues of all persuasions..every orginazation that solicits funds to finance their efforts to tell us what is good for us..all the "non-profits" that exist to provide salaries for the non-profit officers and employees..those who KNOW they are right...without them what would I have to dislike ?


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