Monday, November 06, 2006

i surrender here

We are in the throes of election idiocy. Slimy commercials misrepresenting candidates views and votes are rampant. The only view I see completely ignored is a true one. In the name of political correctness not one candidate has faced publicly the unpleasant fact that we are at war. Not a war of our own choosing but a war that has been declared against the West by muslim jihadists and not renounced by a large proportion of the muslim community. This is not a war resulting from United States support of Isreal but a war against the non muslims of the world. The object of this war, repeatedly stated by its leaders, is to destroy non muslims. Ridiculous. perhaps, but do not underestimate the strength of religous fanaticism fed by unrelenting repitition of the canard that the West is the cause of all the ails of the muslim world. It is interesting that not one candidate in election mode has chosen to refer to this war. What are they afraid of? Perhaps the liberal press accusing them of extremism. It is not extreme to mention a sincere threat to our existence. While it maybe true " all jihadists are muslims but not all muslims are jihadists" I will remind them of the fact that"all Nazis were German but not all Germans were Nazis" did not prevent world war 2.


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