Thursday, November 09, 2006

mea culpa western style

It is all the fault of the Western World, especially theUnited States. Exploitation of the rest of the world has resulted in HIV in Africa , recurring floods in Bangladesh, earthquakes in Asia,poverty in the Arab population, un remittung plagues of locusts and the ubiqitousness of coca-cola: at least that is the prevailing view among psuedo intellectuals in Europe and the groves of American academicia. Let us contemplate a world as envisioned by these people, it is a world in which the muslim leaders who have repeatedly stated their aim to destroy the infidels and western culture are not serious in their intent. That the only reason they make threats and blow up buildings is American intransigence and that the west can reason with religous zealots and if we were nicer they would refrain from from such assertivness.. If they assumes such an ostrich like position , denying reality ,they will deserve having their exposed posteriors violated.


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