Thursday, June 02, 2005

extra protection agency (EPA)

Three states New York, California, and Connecticut petitioned the EPA to allow them to quit using ethanol to oxygenate fuel . The states averred they could meet clean air standards without using oxygenation. The EPA in what must stand as the wierdest reasoning by bureaucrats stated "that the states failed to show using ethanol prevented them from meeting clean air standards", HUH ? The EPA then went on to say that economic loss to farmers would occur if ethanol was not produced from corn. I guess the eight cents per gallon added to the cost of a gallon of gasoline was an inconsequential cost to consumers. Is it coincidence that one of the largest contributors to both political parties Archer- Daniels-Midland is the largest supplier of ethanol. Since when has the EPA become a farmer protection agency or an ADM enabler.


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