Thursday, June 16, 2005

where the elite meet

European leaders, faced with two rejections of the E U constitution, have decided to delay any more plebicites on the issue. They declare that the elites must find out what their citizens are concerened over. Wouldn't it be fine if our "elites" would recognise their detatchment from citizens. Perhaps then they might adress some of the problems the constituents feel important. They could concern themselves with ILLEGAL immigration, the delays in approving drugs that Europeans have been using safely for years, the over weaning influence of trial lawyers on legislation, the frivolous lawsuits resulting in jackpot awards to attorneys, the intrusion of government on personal descisions involving life or death,the influence of Archer Daniel Midland and oil companies on energy policy,and the petty idiotic bickering between the true believers of the right and left which is destroying the fabric of our nation at a time when our global position is threatend economicaly and militarily.


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