Monday, March 31, 2008

food prices unintended consequences

The crusade to save the environment , led by the deluded "c" student and Virgina law school drop out scion of a political family, has resulted in mass hunger among the poor of the poorest nations and desperation among the working class people of the developed nations. Grain prices have tripled for corn, soybeans and wheat since the untennable descision to use grains for fuel. Politicians are not known for their regular visits to supermakets , they remain blissfully unaware of the stratafiric rise in food prices. The crusade has also prevented utilization of domestic crude oil reserves and expansion of refining capacity leaving the nation open to blackmail by countries which control world energy supplies and cause high prices for gasoline and heating oil. When are the crusaders going to realize their irrational zeal has exceded good sense? Unfortunately, not soon, the new energy bill calls for tripling grain alchohol production and not one move to provide further oil exploration or new refining capacity.


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