Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gorefied nonsense

The belief of ethnologic caused global warming suffered another blow with publication in the prestigous ""International Journal of Climatology" (aren't all science journals "prestigous")of studies done at the Universities of Rochester, Alabama, and Virginia which purport to show human affect on climate are minor and the principle cause of global warming is variations in the sun. This brought an immediate reaction from the high priests of the ethnological hierachy, afraid of losing their cushy jobs at the U.N., stating that these findings did not comport with the consensus view on global warming therefore these scientists would be excommunicated along with the rest of the dissenters. They further drew attention to the fate of dissenters in history; Galileo, Kepler,Wegener,Jenner, Lister, Simmelwies etc., and urged these radicals to recant before heresy invited an "auto de fe".


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