Sunday, August 13, 2006

close the barn door

The totally idiotic responses to terrorist attacks are the result of political correctness and fear of being called racist. It is irrational to subject all airline passengers to equal inspections , when in actuality offenses against air travel are overwhelmingly perpertrated by young moslem people. It is a waste of resources to examine a non moslem seventy year old lady passenger, or a mother travelling with three little kids as if they are as liable to be threats as a moslem twenty year old. I realise that treating passengers differently may be unfair since all moslems
are not terrorists but unfortunately all terrorists lately have been moslems.

On another subject, the constant attention to air travel as a terrorist target is leaving all the other targets wide open. It might be a fine idea to hire some people to think like a terrorist and perhaps anticipate a terrorist threat rather than to always be reacting to threats.


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