Thursday, July 07, 2005

I was a lawyer. There,it is admitted. I am so disgusted with the legal profession I cannot disguise my repugnance. I supported the ACLU while it was doing noble work supporting free speech for everyone and working for civil rights in meaningful cases. Now it seems an orginisation consumed with a burning desire to collect legal fees by bringing stupid and minor complaints under the Civil Rights Act. I believe this degradation of the profession stems from the huge surplus of lawyers and the nescessity for the them to find work. The ACLU is not alone in frivolous litigation . Trial lawyers, abetted by timorous judges, file actions that should under any reasonable standard be dismissed. These actions are allowed to go trial and often , with or without the aid of junk science , result in unjust enrichment from ignorant juries. These juries are often obtained from venue shopping. The whole system reeks of hypocrisy. ( There is one orginisation that does still fight for free speech F I R E , so perhaps this indictment doe not quite apply to everyone..)


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