Friday, April 29, 2005

capricious justice

A jury convicted the Arthur Anderson accounting firm of obstructing justice for telling Enron employees to shred papers in accord with company policy. This action was taken prior to any government investigation. The conviction has been appealed to the Supreme Court and it looks like it willl be overturned, rightly so. Contrast this Anderson action with the conniving of Koffi Annan's chief of staff,Mr.Riza. Mr Riza shredded documents concerning the oil-for - food program while the Volcker committe was investigating. The, oh so honorable, Mr. Annan has decided that this action was not intended to impede the investigation but was an innocent mistake;like allowing Mr. Annan's son to distribute business cards to visitors to his fathers office. The U N may be necessary but it surely needs reforming.


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