Monday, September 14, 2009

pie in the sky

Popular delusions ,accidental, government ,industry sponsored and self deluding range from conspiracy theories over 9/11 to the notion that we can eliminate use of carbon fuels to produce energy. It is not amazing that we are inundated with propaganda extolling the use of wind power , ethanol, etc. when so much money is spent on misinformation by vested interests in industries which benefit from government largesse supporting these industries. What is odd is the acceptance of this information as unbiased and truthful, while contrary opinions are derided as lies and deceit.
We are told , and a large number of us believe , that we can add 40million to government health care rolls and pay for them by reducing fraud an waste in medicare, which hasn't been done in years, and assuming new programs will be fraud and waste free.
We believe that government subsidies to buy cars and homes will lead us out of recession and create jobs. We believe that stupid government encouragement of no down payment Fannie Mae loans will not be repeating the mistakes of the past. We believe that immigration problems will not be exacerbated by social programs. We believe that climate change , the new euphuism for global warming is solely the result of human activity and can be averted by legislation. Finally we believe that energy independence can be achieved without drilling for oil or building refineries.
Interestingly most people do not believe these chimeras but the political class does, because it derives power from promoting these myths..


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