Wednesday, July 01, 2009

oil for the lamps of china

While the infirm of purpose congress of the United States blithers its way into destruction of the economy by chasing the chimera of energy salvation through wind and sun; China continues its efforts to secure an ever greater supply of oil. Incredibly, after all our efforts in Iraq, guess which country has made the best deal for Iraq's oil? What country has Iran's oil future in tow ? It is the same one that controls the oil in Darfur, Indonesia, and is working with Cuba, Venezuela and other oil producing states to share their production. While we genuflect to the quasi-religous global warming crowd, the worlds largest atmospheric polluter continues to increase its control over the fuel of modern industry. Our peerless leaders may still believe that our economy is the strongest in the world but eventually they will face the reality that occurs to all panglossian spendthrifts.


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