Thursday, July 23, 2009

health care, patricians vs plebians

We are going to be subjected to some kind of monstrosity of legislation on health care. The only way Reid and Pelosi can put a bill together is by promising recalcitrant democrats all kinds of prerogatives if they will vote for the bill. That will result in a tangled mass of legislation that will accomplish little and diminish the medical care of the 80% of the population which declared it was happy with its healthcare. We will all end up under a centralized government system except of course for the privileged aristocrats that write the law. They have insulated themselves, and are exempt fom the effects of the bill. the consequence is that there will be one level of health care for us, the taxpayers, and another level for our paid employees the congress. It is quite similar to the arrangement between the patricians and plebians in Rome, the aristocrats and the commoners in medieval Europe, and the commissars and the people in Stalins Russia. If the health care bill they foist on us is so great then they should forego their status as our masters and embrace the opportunity to share the same trearment. Ironically under the system its greatest proponent Ted Kennedy would probably not be receiving the treatment he presently enjoys and he and Senator Byrd would be in hospice care.


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