Monday, July 20, 2009

crises to the left of me

Crises to the right of me. Adult obesity , youth obesity, pregnant mommas obesity, all are crises. Health care is a crisis, global warming is a crisis, oil prices a crisis. Diabetes is a crisis and of course education is a crisis as are air pollution, water pollution, and any number of threatend or endangered species. Lest we forget,silting of dams is a crisis, decaying bridges , pot-holed roadways, archeological sites, are all in crisis mode as are the states of California and Michigan, and the banking system .There is no crisis in the awarding of contracts in exchange for campaign contributions or jobs for family memmbers. There is no crisis in or shortage of the pettifogging and chicanery emanating from the arena of arrogant hypocrites in Wahington D.C.


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