Thursday, May 21, 2009

where do i go

I am a conservative. I believe in smaller government, fiscal responsibility, education, self-reliance, and integrity. What I hope for is immigration control, a balanced budget, free trade,energy independence and ,in an increasingly dangerous world, a strong military. What I wish for is a politician who puts his country before a constituency and re-election. What I don't care about politically are religion,atheism, abortion,sexual orientation these are things that don't deserve governmental attention in a society that is run for the benefit of all. These are things best left to an individual's conscience.I also don't care if people are white, purple,yellow ,red , black or brown. I also don't care if they are Polish,Irish , Russian, Ghanian, or of any other background. I only care if they are Americans. Now, my question what do i do with my vote ?


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