Monday, May 18, 2009

china's stash

While the grasshopper USA goes blithely on its way chasing the chimera of clean air , defusing global warming and bringing peace to the mid-east the industrious ants of China are no longer buying our debt. They are using the money from the trade imbalance to build stock piles of commodities. They are buying iron , copper, and grains and have stated that they will increase their strategic reserves of oil by 300 per cent. Is this cause for concern ? Not now, but will it be ? Guess. While we continue with the idea that man causes global "Climate Change" and that our puny efforts can some how control the climate the Chinese are preparing for the future whatever it may bring. While our politicians waste billions on ethanol to buy the votes of the corn lobby and Archer Daniel and hinder domestic oil exploration China prepares for the day of world wide oil and other commodity shortages. I guess it makes sense , think how pretty all those windmills of ours will look with a garden of tulips. We have placed our future on the altar of algoreianism.


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