Monday, April 20, 2009

inconvienent truth ignored by media

If you assume an ostrich position and bury your head in the ice perhaps the fact the the Antarctic ice cap is growing might not be as reportable as the chicken little claims that we are going to be inundated by rising seas. The fevered reporting of some ice shelf calving in the western Antarctic is in sharp contrast to the ignored report by the British Antarctic Survey based on work by the Antarctic cooperative survey that the Eastern ice area which is four times larger than the Western is growing and denser than it has been in decades. For the sea level to rise appreciably there would have to be extreme melting of the Antarctic ice cap.This is not occuring. Why has A P and the general media ignored this story. I guess they don't want to rain on the U N , Al Gore and his sycophantic congressional and administratiion followers. It is deplorable that psuedo-science is the basis for much of our political leaders work.


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