Friday, August 01, 2014

Jihad, Jihad,jihadda jing jing jing

There is no choice among Jihaddists. Sunni Jihadists , Shite Jihadists, all have the same aim destruction of the infidel. Hamas at the moment in the Shite camp vows to destroy all Jews and the state of Isreal. The Sunni group is in the  midst of wiping out Christians in Mosul.  When these zealots finish doing god's work and their are no more Christians in Sunni areas and no more Jews in Shiite areas they can turn to the serious business of wiping out all they consider Infidels. Unfortunately that will include any Islamists who do not agree with  the  hegemony of either groups religous views as well as atheists,western civilization, deists , taoists, hindus , women,etc. Once this great goal has been attained there will be no alternative but a great Jihadist conflict to decide whether god loves Sunni or Shiite believers the most. Do not ask for whom the bell tolls.


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