Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Holders Hate Crimes

I do not support racism that is why pople like Al Sharpton etc. who find a racial basis for every interaction between whites and blacks annoy the hell out of me.  Atty General Holder is edging onto my list of race baiters. He has allowed himself to be pushed by the professional racists to consider hate crime type charges against George Zimmerman. The fact that Zimmerman is the scion of two black grandparents, has had black relatives living with him, mentored black children, and partnered with a black man in an insurance business seems incidental to the race baiters and to Holder. May I suggest to the Attorney General that the beating of a13 year old white boy , on a school bus in Gulfport Fl. by three 15 to 17 year old black "youths" or the assault by a group of black gang bangers on a white person in St Paul  Mn with no mitigating circumstances might more qualify as hate crimes. Just as the shooting of a black immigrant in Denver a few years ago certainly qualified.


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