Saturday, August 24, 2013

Three Strikes

Two "boys" beat up and killed an 88 year old veteran and did not take his wallet in an attempted robbery according to news reports. Three "students" beat up a kid on a school busand sent him to the hospital. Three thrill seeking "bored youths" shot and killed an Australian student. The media in all these cases used euphisms for black thugs. In the Trayvon Martin case they reported that George Zimmerman was "a white hispanic" in spite of his father being a black hispanic and many of his relatives being black. This conspiracy of silence, brought on by political correctness, and fear of being portrayed as racist does a disservice to the black community. Until the problem of black youth committing a disproportianate amount of crime is squarely faced the problem will not be solved. President Obama did not help with his comments on Trayvon Martin and his silence on other cases. Before a problem can be solved it has to be admitted that the problem exists, something the Al Sharptons and other apologists will not do. Statistics prove the problem exists, the media should face it ,and help to find a solution intead of trying to sweep it under the rug. Perhaps then white and black fear of thugs could reasonably called paranoia.


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