Saturday, November 02, 2013

Republicans can Blow It

The obamacare fiasco gives the Republicans a good chance to make substantial political gains. Next year, when the employer insurance plan covered people find cancellations appearing the outcry will be louder . . However if the GOP decides to give senate seats to the democrats as they did in the last election by running ideological or incompetent candidates in Nevada, Missouri,Colorado and Delaware it will be a wasted election. It is possible to elect a republican idealogue to the house or a democrat idealogue to the house or senate, chicanery helps in the latter case. It is , with the exception of Utah or Texas very difficult to elect a republican idealogue to the senate. Let me suggest to the republicans they run fiscal conservatives for office and avoid the unnecessary clammoring of social issues. Especially avoiding candidates afflicted with silly "facts" and hoof in mouth disease


Blogger kelly roy said...

the republicans have stuck their head in the preverbal teapot I'm afraid. I don't hold much hope for this kind of common sense approach.

7:56 AM  

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