Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Doubts Usefulness Missile Bomb

The arbitrary "Red Line" has been crossed. Our own Ceaser now wants to cross the Rubicon. The unintended  results of a missile strike on Syria have to be considered. First , will the Iranian supporters of Assad sit still or will their be a retaliatory strike against Isreal with tacit support of Russia , China and overt support of half the Middle East. A very unpleasent situation arising from a stupid moralistic remark. After such an action by Iran  an  Isreali response would be inevitable and I hope it would not be nuclear,  a possibility major powers have been avoiding for seventy years.
Alternatively, a military response against Turkey or Lebanon or Jordan by  a large power supporter of Assad or even by Syria would spread the conflict over the whole  region. The religious zealotry  seperating the inhabitants will not allow peacefull solutions. It would behoove the administration to consider all possibleties, since getting approval from the UN is a vain hope ,if a presidential face saving mission is worth it. Even if there is no major response the manuever is ineffective.  The acronym in the title represents my opinion.


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