Wednesday, October 21, 2009

antic arctic ice

More and more it looks like the calamity crowd has overplayed their hand.The computer models predicting global warming are being called into question by increasing numbers of serious scientists. The connection between anthropogenic creation of co2 and increasing temperatures doesn't seem to be a major cause of climate change. The indisputable fact is that over the last twelve years ,while co2 levels have increased, world temperatures have decreased.
Congressional and administration types wedded to the Goreian notion of global warming are still using the calamity scenario to advance their political careers. The chimera of achieving enery independence in the Unied States without using hydrocarbons is patently ridiculous. The awful experience with ethanol, the waste of money in subsidies to producers, the environmental effects, should give pause to further subsidies of so called solutions. That is not possible however because too many congress people can't see beyond tomorrows newspapers and popular delusions which must be catered to in order to pander to voters.


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