Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I read the following comment written by "asalesguy" concerning the beating death of Chicago student Derrion Albert. "Witness the fruit of a city that is a bastion of the DNC. No different in other cities where democrats rule the roost. Witness the horror that has always existed in New Orleans, LA, Tampa, FL, Orlando, FL, Watts, CA, Cincinnati, OH, Detroit, MI, Newark DE and Newark NJ. Cities where the complexion of the residents are the same, the academic achievements of students is best be described as, '-abominable.' The same levels of crime, the same absurdities in business and personal taxes, the same dismal level of city services provided; cities ruled always by politicians affiliated with the DNC..... Black Americans, it is the greed, it is ambition that those whom you vote for that has left you and yours living in chaos; in mayhem. Witness those cast off's on your streets that have moved to the last step in their tormented lives; Oblivion. Vote GOP next time for what do you have to lose ?! The DNC has seen to it that you live with nothing in your hands but despair. Think hard. What's your future..." . I may not agree that a mere change in political party would remedy these situations but i agree that the corruption of the democrat black politicians, and orginizations that run these cities has prevented any improvement in the lives of the black population. It isn't whitey that is solely the cause of black misery it is powerful black political machine leaders in these cities who are equally responsable.


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