Saturday, January 20, 2007

come to the church in the wild wood

Whose high priests deny dissent and cast out heretics, while welcoming all those who repent of open discourse and accept the teachings of the faith. What in hell kind of country do we live in? It is a new form of government. Descisions on policy are made by who scares us the most. Charlatans decry vaccination, flouridation, and sell vegetarianism, excess vitamins, and equal rights for reptiles. Oh yes and the present high priests of "Global Warming" wish to cast out the devils who dare to question the ethnogenic influences on climate change. Come unto Me all you little children and I will take all your worldly goods and protect you from the bogeyman. The orthodoxy cannot be questioned , those who do will be excommunicated. Who shall reap the rewards ?The quasi religion followers like windmill manufacturers, Archer Daniel Midland, crowd following politicians, corn producers and academics who agree. Who shall suffer .Unbelievers,sinners , who won't get government grants, subsidies and accolades and poor peons whose tortillas cost to much and average joes whose hamurgers etc. get pricier...... Pity the poor Galilieos bearing up under the new Church.


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