Monday, January 15, 2007

a myth is as good as a smile

Yes its true evil big oil controls oil prices but how they accomplish this when countries control and own ninety per cent of the world production is one of the eternal mysteries . Another mystery, I am told often by well meaning friends in the corn business that Brazil has become totally independent of foriegn oil by using ethanol why then is Brazil the 15 th largest oil importer in the world ( importing 600,000 barrels a day) in addition to increasing domestic Brazilian production 10 % a year to over 2400000 barrels? And still the mysteries increase, while no one disputes global warming, none of the doom sayers never refer to the largest contributer to green house gases , water vapor, it makes up 95 % of those gases and is 99 % naturally occuring. This makes anthropogenic sources pale into insignifigance. The mysteries can be solved : no one gets grants unless the house is on fire and no one gets votes unless there is a villain.



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