Wednesday, October 11, 2006

memories memories

One of the disadvantedges of being eighty years old and cursed or blessed with a good memory is experiencing "deja vu" moments repeatedly. The latest is the call for appeasment of North Korea: as if catering to their demands would lessen their truculence. From 1990 thru 2002 we supplied the paranoid rulers of North Korea with money, food, oil and nuclear know-how; with special encourgement from Jimmy Carter and Madelaine Albright ,two of Neville Chamberlains most ardent followers. This idiocy resulted in grants of money and technical information used to further their nuclear program and food used to feed their army. That the " if only we were nicer to tyrant crowd" still believes that accededing to the demands of such people will result in their mending their ways is ridiculous. Capitulation only results in their demanding more . I am now "deja vuing" with the Taliban, jihadists, North Korea , Sudan, and Iran. Remembering Joe Stalin , Mussolini, Adolf, Napolean, Cromwell , Cotton Mather, the fall of the Roman Empire and the Assyrian conquest of Eygpt.


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