Wednesday, December 07, 2016

The vilified white voter of the red counties

The election of Donald Trump is directly attributable to  the media and political elite of the East and West coasts. The Ivy league oligarchy ( which I reluctantly admit I amm smeared with) has demeaned and reviled middle America as a racist, mean spirited , bible thumping, gun-toting society of rednecks. That the learned savants of Yale and Harvard in law and sociology have an intellectual lock  on all the admirable attributes of society while the ignoble savages of middle America wallow in social depravity. This attitude is reflected in The NYtimes, The Washington Post, The major media networks , the many hollywood journals, the LA times (tho Stanford gets a pass).  The problem is that these sources of talking heads talk to each other and re-enforce their uniqueness to each other. Let me suggest there is a huge world of intelligence and talent outside the coastal counties and the so called elite universities.


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