Thursday, October 06, 2011

Self appointed Self perpetuating Elite

The sociology, economic , law and soft science schools of the Northeast and their graduates share one trait, They beleive that the cachet of Harvard , Yale, Princeton, Cornell immediately confers upon them intellectual superiority to the benighted massses who attend state universities. These institutions are supposed to be incubators of original thought but are temples of conformity and political correctness. I find it difficult to discern any change in the law schools from the sophmoric ideals that I held at one time(1952) or anything original in economics since Gailbraith. This is not an indictment of the hard sciences at these institutions ,MIT, Princeton ,Cornell do fine work. It is the supernummerary departments that perpetuate old, fashionable ideas and incestuosly promote their own in nepotic lockkstep.Washington D.C. is submerged in this old boy , old girl, pool of academician conformity.


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