Saturday, August 06, 2011

FDA and governer perry

I must admit I am jealous of governor Perry. He was able to get a purely experimental treatment of his back problem with the use of stem cells. I on the other hand have been trying to get stem cell treatment of an arthritic shoulder with a stem cell treatment which has a wealth of expermental experience behind it. This treatment successful with two of my acquaintances and and was available in Colorado. However the FDA in its infinite bureacratic wisdom sued to stop the practice , not alledging that it was ineffective or harmful, but that injecting a patient with his own stem cells was use of an illegal drug. The desire to get this treatment was fueled by the hope of avoiding shoulder arthoplasty whih is a serious surgical procedure. I could get this stem treatment in other countries and still may do so. The FDA ignores tested procedures used for years around the world for example hyaluronic acid for use in joints other than knees,EDAP treatments for prostate cancer and other available researched procedures. The agency belatedly accepted as true that bacteria caused ulcers. I believe that they are still frightend of another thalidomide mistake and spend more time covering their rearends than furthering the course of medicine. It may be hyperbole but i think we would still be using leeches if te agency existed in the 19th century.


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