Tuesday, September 06, 2011

a different america

I remember 12/07/1941 . the immediate reaction wasn't what can I do to protect myself it was where do I go to enlist. It wasn't how do we recompense the families who suffered ? it was how do we protect our country ? December seventh was a Sunday. Monday, my 45 year old physician father volunteered into the Army Air Force. He returned 5 years later. I volunteered into the Merchant Marine when I turned 17 two years later and got out when I was 19. The difference between then and now is immense. We didn't cower in fear under the protection of Homeland Security, we weren't happy about risking our necks but felt it was honorable and correct to defend ourselves. We weren't fearful we were worried and determined. What the heck has happened to the spirit of the country . Is it the fact that we have a professional army and can leave problems to them or is it a spirit that has been diminishing since 1946.


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