Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Darfur Reality

What started out as Muslim genocide towards Christian and animist groups has changed from a civil repression to a general war. Nieghbor country Chad is now at war with Sudan. It is all about oil. The Arab leaders of Sudan , in concert with China are trying to control the region. The atrocities of this war have spawned a plethora of non-profit organizations in the United States pleading for contributions . The avowed aim of these groups is to stop the genocide. One of them has published a list of companies for dis-investment because they are doing business with the Sudan. Only one of more than 200 is a United states company and not one U.S. oil company is in the Sudan. Other nations oil trusts are. Many call for U.S. intervention ignoring the fact that China would certainly resist such action. Ironically some of the same people calling for the U S to intervene militarily are calling for a withdrawal from Iraq. In the geopolitical world we exist in not a damn thing can be done in Darfur. The U N is powerless and American military is not going to be used to confront the Arab leaders and their Chinese partners.


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