Saturday, June 10, 2006

Where's Brutus when needed

The Senate of the United States and the congress in general, theoreticaly reflects the views of the electors . That's the theory. Reality is quite different. Seventy per cent of the people want the laws against illegal immigration enforced, congress can't even stop more illegals from arriving.. Eighty per cent of the people believe the f b i , with a court search warrant, should be able to search a crooked congressmans office , but the leaders of both parties in the congress don't. Seventy per cent of the people believe that obtaining records of phone calls to and from suspected terrorists is just fine the Senate objects. Seventy per cent of the people believe that profiling whom to search at airports is common sense congress forbids it. Sixty five per cent of the elderly want the right to die when they see fit legislatures forbid it. For many years these same legislator kept the intelligence agencies from sharing data . So, who do these paragons of wisdom represent, I don't know, but I know who they kow-tow to:the wild eyed extremists of both parties ,who control nominations, certainly not the American people.


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