Saturday, July 15, 2006

none so blind

All I can do is guess that sheer dislike for George Bush blinds some of the left to todays reality. We, not for our actions but because we exist, are the target of of a vast zealot conspiracy to change the world to a Muslim theocracy. When presented with this concept the reply often is that it is no different from Christian or Mormon zealotry, equating peaceful suasion with terrorist acts of murder. The believers in this sophistry , like pacifists, feel morally superior to the benighted herd that does not agree. Consider , the terrorists who would gladly murder them feel morally superior also for they are doing God's will. It always is amazing to me, an atheist, how people can commit heinous acts and feel morally superior because they are doing God's will: just as it amazes me how many may be smugly pacifist , understanding and feel morally superior when others fight and die so they can express themselves as above the fray.


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