Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Eric Holder buying love

The civil rights for terrorist group are a large part of the democrat electorate and the administration is rewarding them with a show trial in New York. The trial will not buy the respect of Al Queda or the love of the Muslim world, especially after the attorney general assured us of a conviction. The administration will not realize that we are under attack by religous zealots who are acting in concert, waging war against the West and the U. S. in particular. They prefer to treat these terrorist acts as incidental crimes. It is a denial of reality . The cost of security alone at this show trial will be well over 100 million dollars, the total cost unknowable. I don't believe the defense attorneys are acting pro bono and neither are the prosecutors. The terrorists have a new weapon, keep trying and getting caught and Obama's Justice Department will break the treasury prosecuting your acts.


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